Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, you need a reservation ahead of time. We want to plan for your freakin’ good time!

Should I tip the driver?

Tips are greatly appreciated!

How long is the tour?

Tours are 3 hours. Please arrive 30 minutes before leave time.

What will get us kicked off?

Blatant belligerence or breaking any of the rules set by the captain.

Are children allowed on the boat?

Children are not allowed on the boat. All passengers must be over the age of 18. You may be asked to provide ID at the time of boarding.

When is the boat in operation?

We operate April 15th – October 15th weather permitting. Please refer to our online booking tool for available slots.

Where do we meet to get on the boat? Where can we park?

You can park and meet at 1010 Pine Lake Ave. – Next to the Blue Heron. We will pick you up there.

What is your weather policy?

Argh! Every pirate knows it’s hard to predict weather patterns. We try to carry on if it’s safe to do so. If it’s a light rain or drizzle, PARTY ON! If it is down pouring, extremely windy, lightning, or other dangerous conditions, we will dock at a safe spot for a drink or two until it’s safe to continue. If the forecast just looks too dangerous, we will have to reschedule your trip or refund your deposit if another suitable date is not available.

Are there restrooms on board?

No. We do not have restrooms on our boats, but don’t worry, Matey, we will stop at public restrooms along the way.

How long is a boat ride?

We offer 3-hour tours. Feel free to book back-to-back slots for a longer ride, or contact us for custom events.

What about music?

We supply music. We have a Bluetooth speaker system ready to go. You are also welcome to sync your phone and control your own music.

Are life jackets needed? Are they provided?

Life jackets and safety equipment are provided and actively ready for any passenger.

Can I book a private tour?


Do I have to bring an ID?


Is the waiver required to ride the Freaki Tiki Pontoon?

Yes. To save time to have more Freakin’ fun, try to fill out an online waiver for every member in your group prior to your arrival.

How many people are allowed on the boat?

Our boats can safely handle 8 passengers in addition to our driver.

Who supplies the beverages and food?

Food, beverages, cups, plates, and other picnic items are brought by you. For your convenience, we supply two large coolers and ice. There is a beverage store right across the street that is freakin’ handy, too! We supply trash bags, please help keep our waterways clean by throwing away all trash while on board.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you should need to cancel, you can reschedule a new date for your cruise, or the purchased cruise price can be applied to a gift card for a future cruise.

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